A Very Loving Dog

A very loving dog Laika is the new star of “We want to know your pet!”, A contest that started last week with a very friendly parrot.

It is a 7 year old bitch who lives in Palma de Mallorca. She is very affectionate and can not be separated from one of his mistresses. Their dependence is total, is like his mother.

How is that person everywhere has never been necessary to put strap desperdigue not every time he goes to the street. That certainly is an advantage for her and for their owners.

Home shares space with another dog and a cat. Who do you think gets along better? Incredibly with the cat. And they say that dogs and cats are being killed …

I like tomatoes

He is very intelligent (as you can see she falls asleep reading books) and obey their owners if they ask something. When I eat always prepared, although occasionally gives to eat tomatoes. It’s strange, but she loves.



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