Animal Species in the Night to Find Food

As the presence of plants in the desert is often unexplained by the total lack of water, some species of animals that have adapted to darkness and the wild. Such behavior of animals causes them to be regarded as nocturnal animals. It also happens to plants that open at night and close during the day.

Animal species in the night to find food. Against diurnal animals that sleep at night, the rest of the night is caused by the day. With the dark come out to find food. However, contrary to common belief that all nocturnal animals see well in the dark, many of them have poor vision. No doubt some of the animals such as owls and lemurs have special eyes.

However, there are others that are based on smell, touch, sound and other senses to survive in the dark. Owls, with his peculiar vision of night predators can hunt very small, even in complete darkness. The bats hunt their prey with the help of the echo sounder or echolocation. Sound waves are generated which, after hitting an object, return as echoes.

From these echoes, bats have the ability to determine the size, shape and distance of the dam. Mink uses his nose to find prey and communicate with each other. In the desert, the nocturnal animals allows greater conservation of water in the body, avoiding the heat of the day.

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