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Parrot from Argentina

The parrot Argentina belongs to the family of parrots, and its scientific name is the Monachus Myiopsitta. Can measure up to 30 cm and weighs about 150 grams. Its natural range is in Argentina, southern Brazil and Bolivia Central. There are currently very stable groups in Spain, mainly in the[…] Read More →

Animal Species in the Night to Find Food

As the presence of plants in the desert is often unexplained by the total lack of water, some species of animals that have adapted to darkness and the wild. Such behavior of animals causes them to be regarded as nocturnal animals. It also happens to plants that open at night[…] Read More →

Tips on choosing a bird cage

July 13th, 2011 | Author: Jimmie D. Tabb When choosing a bird cage, the first thing to consider is the size of our bird, if you will always be locked or will allow you to leave, if you ‘re going to put nest for breeding, if you to have comrades,[…] Read More →

The cells in the brains of birds

In mammals, the brain, the neocortex has, which is the outermost layer of brain tissue, and is thought to be the structure that higher-order thinking processes – which is the part that makes us so intelligent mammals. Brains of birds have a neocortex, but they have a structure called the[…] Read More →

Red Canary Care

The Red Canary is one of the most popular breeds canaries. As you will see, are named after their colorful plumage. They are characterized by active, robust and easy to maintain. It was first bred in 1930. It is the only canary has red elements as part of its plumage.[…] Read More →