Cancer in Dogs

If cancer is a terrible disease in humans, for dogs is no less, not to say the suffering of the owner to see how your pet suffers. The big question: What causes cancer in dogs? A very important factor is age certainly, is that as the dog gets older, your chances of getting the disease increase greatly. Another reason is that there has been adequately sterilized pet.

Cancer in dogsAs in people in dogs are also given different types of cancer, the most frequent osteosarcoma, which is bone cancer, common in large size dogs, skin cancer, also common in older dogs, noting that there are breeds more prone to contracting, as boxers, mastiffs or terriers, testicular cancer, breast, uterine and ovarian cancer, lymphosarcoma, which is cancer of the lymphatic system and is the primary defense against diseases and leukemia, bone marrow cancer.

Treating cancer in dogs depends on the veterinarian’s diagnosis, which will determine what type of cancer it is and Dende. This will send complete blood analysis and urine, biopsy, cytology and radiographs. Depending on the results indicate the treatment, which can be as wide as drugs, surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, cryosurgery-to-small tumors, and photodynamic therapy-inject dye into cancer cells.

To easily prevent some types of cancer, testicular, breast, in dogs it is best to sterilize early, avoid prolonged sun exposure, and something as mundane as the dog should be palpated both brushing or massaging.

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