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5 Fun Outdoor Exercises You Need To Do With Your Dog

Do you ever feel guilty that you do not spend more time with your dog? That is something that you can easily fix by making your pet your new workout buddy.

For one, they will never cancel at the last minute and will surely always be glad to go for a run without any complaints. You do not just spend time together you also get to exercise and be fit together. Isn’t that fun?

To help you we have listed some of the easiest and fun exercises that you can do with your dog.

1. Running
Dogs are habit forming creatures. Once they have established the routine of a daily run, they will always look forward to it. Even if you don’t feel like going out on your lazy days, you just might get excited when you see them waiting on you with a wagging tail.

2. Cycling
Now, some dogs just have so much energy you might find yourself panting at the rate of how they are running. Try cycling to keep up with their energy. It is a great form of exercise as it could use up to 500 calories and could help tone your muscles. You might also want to use a big outdoor exercise equipment such as an elliptical bike.

3. Rollerblading
To exercise your core, you can consider rollerblading with your fur baby, only if you’re an expert. Rollerblading can get tricky with a dog and the whole thing can turn into a disaster.

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