Elegance of the Angora Cat

This breed of cat is originally from Ankara, Turkey, where white copies, known as Anakar Kedi, are revered as a symbol of purity. It is a very ancient race, as it is aware of her existence since Byzantine times. The importance of these animals in Turkey is such that there is a legend that the founder of modern Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, when he returns to the world of the living, he will reincarnate in a Turkish Angora.

Elegance of the Angora cat. This cat has a small to medium size and is characterized by its elegance and agility. His body is lean and muscular, pointed ears and their eyes are large and oval, and we can find in any color and even disparate.

His coat is medium length, well known and woolly and can form a collar around the neck of adult males. The coat color may vary, but certainly the most appreciated is white. We can also find them with fur in shades of chocolate, lilac, fawn and cinnamon.

It is a very temperamental cat, but also knows how to be docile and affectionate, especially with children. It is very independent and intelligent, and likes to play, especially with small balls that can travel with the entire surface of the house where he resides. With a little patience we can train it to return the balls thrown at him, just as you would a dog.

The house will surely find it uploaded to the most unlikely places, and she loves climbing the most inaccessible places, but not to worry, because it has a special ability to overcome all kinds of objects and obstacles, so that our objects run no danger.

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