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The parrot Argentina belongs to the family of parrots, and its scientific name is the Monachus Myiopsitta. Can measure up to 30 cm and weighs about 150 grams. Its natural range is in Argentina, southern Brazil and Bolivia Central. There are currently very stable groups in Spain, mainly in the Andalusian coast and in Barcelona. Also you have been colonies in northern Netherlands and the USA.

In the next post we’ll talk about the parrot Argentina, or as its scientific name Monachus Myiopsitta says, a bird that lives in Brazil and Bolivia Central.

The Parrot Argentina

A mysterious and adaptable birds, large and easy to tame talkative. However, these can become very destructive and noisy. The first species to arrive in Spain they did in the late 60s, as they were sold exotic birds and then released by their irresponsible owners, as it did much “fuss”.

Lacking any predator here enjoy a high rate of reproduction, so that they could become a pest as they can double in number in five years. Very sociable with other species and are easily installed, finding a way to survive.

Bringing Up the Parrot Argentina

Life expectancy is between 25 and 30 years. Its plumage is blue-green, white and yellow. Covering the whole body, differentiating young to have breast and gray eyes. You or you can feed your bird with vegetables, corn, dried meat and feed specially formulated for proper nutrition.

You can host your new pet in a cage or aviary. The Parrot Argentina has a very strong and destructive peak, so that accommodation and feeding must be made of highly resistant materials and heavy so you will not break and can also prevent use as toys. He sold many fixtures to put in his cage and prevent this from getting bored.

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