Red Canary Care

The Red Canary is one of the most popular breeds canaries. As you will see, are named after their colorful plumage. They are characterized by active, robust and easy to maintain. It was first bred in 1930. It is the only canary has red elements as part of its plumage. Born of mixed other finch and canary yellow. The scientific name is red canary Serinus canaria domesticus.

Red Canary CareOften reach 14 cm. long. Proper care of red canaries includes open spaces, so they provide a roomy cage and wide. They must have some “hanger” that hung as loves that position. The cage should be placed high so that the canary can look different parts.

This type of canary, mainly eat birdseed. The intensity of the red color on your food. The berries, beets, pumpkins, cherries, potatoes and tomatoes contain carotenoids that enhance the color of this kind of canaries. A red or orange can also be increased in many races by just adding cayenne pepper and paprika to the diet of canaries.

In general, the red canary likes swimming so it will be essential to include a bath in his cage. Remember that your basic maintenance will also focus on keep the cage clean and trim the nails if necessary. Most canaries breed easily. The breeding season of red canaries usually between December and April.

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