The cells in the brains of birds

In mammals, the brain, the neocortex has, which is the outermost layer of brain tissue, and is thought to be the structure that higher-order thinking processes – which is the part that makes us so intelligent mammals. Brains of birds have a neocortex, but they have a structure called the dorsal ventricular ridge (DVR).

The cells in the brains of birdsBoth the DVR and the neocortex begin their growth from the same place in the early stages of embryonic development. Scientists like Harvey Karten are investigated neural inputs salidas.Ya the DVR and in the 1960s, and the hypothesis that the DVR can function similarly to the neocortex, but we must not look at all like it in their mature forms .

Clifton Ragsdale, Jennifer Dugas-Ford, and Joanna Rowell U. of Chicago studied the chicken and zebra finches to find evidence that the DVR has much in common with the neocortex. They were able to use molecular markers to identify cell types in the DVR, and found that the cells in a bird brain match two layers, the input and output neurons of the neocortex.

Scientists have new avenues to investigate the cure for paralysis related nerve damage, blindness, or other conditions. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of the various structures can also help scientists understand how the brain performs processing that supports impressive language, consciousness and intelligence.

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Passerine birds native North American continent
Birds Cardinals are passerine birds native to the continents of North and South America. They have a variety that makes them an interesting bird for ornithologists. In terms of size, usually measuring about 12 cm long and weigh about 12 g, although you can find a variety that is 25 cm long and weighs about 85 g.

Passerine birds native North American continentThe family of birds Cardinals is divided into 5 species, which share characteristics that are derived from a common ancestor. Each of these species are divided into some subspecies. Its name derives from its bright red color, but not many people are aware of an important fact is that only males of this species have bright red color, while females have a slightly duller appearance.

This is considered as an adaptation of the species, which helps to attract the opposite sex for mating. They tend to gather in large flocks of about 70-100. These birds are omnivorous. Their diet includes seeds and grains, and a wide variety of insects.

One of the most popular species of birds of North American cardinals, Cardinal is the North. It is well known in the states of North Carolina, West Virginia, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Virginia. Interestingly, the Cardinal is the only bird with a red crest of the United States. Males are responsible for defending their territory and they do very well. A male cardinal can fight his own reflection for several hours if you encounter him in a mirror.

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